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POW wishes you a happy new year !

A few hours before the final countdown. No fireworks this year but surely some sparkles and bubbles!
POW wanted to have a quick glance at 2015. It was the year 0 of our project. Six months ago the journey started! We were 3 (very) different people who wished to build something ours, with our tools, our creativity and our desires… and we did it! Okay, we had doubts about it (sometimes) and needed a looooot of tea but in the end, we are already proud of . What a challenge!  But we’re thrilled to continue it in 2016. Our lovers, wife, friends, family, cats, dogs helped us when we were in doubt so thanks to them for the support.

So 2016 ! Here we go ! We’re ready with our superpowers for new challenges, new people we’re going to meet, new projects we’re going to achieve. We’re ready to surpass ourselves day after day, we will continue to successfully craft our future.

POW wishes you a very happy New Year. Let it be joyful, plenty of laughs with people you love (or don’t, why not, life is full of surprises !). Meet amazing people, new lovers. Try new vegetables, read good books and be happy. That’s the most important thing in the world.

Thank you to be with us, let’s continue in 2016 !