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ovh does the housework with the php versions.

In its last newsletter, OVH announces that it doesn’t support PHP4.*, PHP5. 2 & 5.3 anymore, these ones are obsolete.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source programming language mainly used to create dynamic web pages. It’s one of the most commonly used programming languages on the web today, and is used by content managers such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
OVH is going to deactivate old, unsupported versions because they carry security risks for both OVH and customers. These versions will be deactivated on 24 September 2015.  The deactivation of the old versions and the migration to PHP5.4 (the by-default version, but it’s better to use the last no beta version : PHP5.6) will be automatic.

Others hosts have pass yet. 

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By migrating your website a recent, supported version of PHP, you will hugely reduce your website’s exposure to security risks (pirating) and benefit from new features.

For information, PHP5.6 comes out in July 2014 and PHP4 is obsolete for more than six years.

For more information about each PHP versions and know how to safely migration, we advise you to visit this website: php.net or contact us.