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Since few years, we witness a back to paper support. At the time when digital is anchored in our daily live, the relationship with paper has changed. The dematerialization of digital support has pushed-up paper to the rank of luxury object. The immediacy of digital had led to the return of the slow communication and its aesthetic side even sensual.
As luxury object, it’s clear that the level of smoothness is selected meticulously, each finish meant to make an exclusive object. So, we are going to speak about quality and not quantity even if the bibliophiles are to be included in this post.

Is physical contact a luxury ?

The consumer expects from the company to communicate with him exclusively. If a company uses the mailing to communicate with its client, it chose to give him a special attention. Without denying the value of the e-mail, we don’t feel the same way an invitation received by e-mail or sent on a high-end paper, especially if it is written by hand.
Luxury brands have understood this fact, they integrate paper for positioning. Invitations, writing workshops, writing objects, letterhead paper, notebook, scented envelopes, … By citing the name of Nicolas Ouchenir, you can devise the importance that the labels give to the personalized message. Mr Ouchenir is calligrapher.  Each season, his expert pen writes invitations for fashion show of Haute-couture houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, etc.

Mister Ouchenir

Nicolas Ouchenir, photo from www.nowness.com

Everything revolves around the fine stationery ans calligraphy is highlighted like craft manufacturing and traditional skills. We play with touch, weight, size, color, embossing, finishing, … But also with the surprise effect by folds, cutouts and volume. The sender’s identity appears with the invitation, the letterhead paper and the envelope. The envelope is very important is very important : it is the first contact of the prospect or customer with the mailing. The visual as the touch of the envelope participate in the effectiveness of the message. Everything is possible : colors, textures, shapes, …
Many companies and brands enhance their image through this king of “details”, this is branding design. The paper is in line with the business card and the packaging. You end up with thought and elegant visual identity, spearheading of a House, because it is, with the display window, the first physical contact (understand non-digital) the one with everything happens.

flyer2 cartevisite2Flyer and business card of POW /// Visual Killers, Surprise effect by PopUp

Fine branding design“Details” by Faircloth&Supply

1909257_982917191748690_5123360840324401649_oLe Typographe, quality stationery from Brussels


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