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Boost your SEO with brilliant idea #1

Animal rescue organisation Dallas Pets Alive in the US had a brilliant idea.
To make headlines and help them adopt their animals, they gave unexpected names but not just any name ! They chose popular online search terms on Google & social media.

Boost your SEO for these dogs !
In the way, they have an excellent SEO and boost their opportunity of adoption.
So, you can adopt dogs who the name is Kim Kardashian’s Butt, Miley Cyrus Twerking or Celebrity Nude Pics.

Another animal rescue organisation uses a similar procedure : Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.
Here, you can adopt Emilia Clarke, Ellen Page or Patti Smith.

how to do for a good seo

We speak about dogs, again, for explain another way of boosting your SEO.

Here, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC reacts to the hack of the dating website Ashley Madison.
Instead of focusing on a sad fate, the animal rescue organisation proposes to adopt a dog, a partner for life !

As these examples prove again a good SEO is absolutely essential.
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