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pow, creative multidisciplinary studio

What do we do ? Simple !

We help you to develop your Brand/Shop/Activity’s visual identity in fancy way.

We are a multidisciplinary creative studio with multiple skills like nimble ninjas :

  • Visual identity
  • Website
  • Design Retail
  • Design Event

We work like an extension of your team because amazing stuffs come from collaboration !

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Visual identity :

You wish to create or just want to refresh it ? And obviously you want a strong identity that suits you and makes you proud of it?

You have knocked on the right door! Whether it is for a complete identity or something more specific, contact us.

We do

  • logos
  • design standards
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • posters
  • packaging

Webdesign :

Ha, the cool side of the web : create your website with all effects that you want !
Modern, elegant and graphic design are some of our key-words. That way you can have the best website as you wish, that’s it.

But not only !
We create your website but we also can do incredible SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) and create content for your social networks. We also propose a course to make you understand the tools which you will need to manage yourself your website.

Design Retail :

Everybody knows it is essential to leave a mark on your clients and toy with their emotions in order to seduce them and win their loyalty. This also happens through imagery!

In this idea, we propose an arrangement of your business in a judicious way, and create furniture on demand in symbiosis with your visual identity and your values along with creating and dressing up your windows. We consider these as the war weapon for seduction, an obligation to fall in love. Isn’t it said that seduction is a story of manipulation?

We also design your PopUp Stores, absolute phenomenon which is conquering regular customers worldwide!

Design event :

For a successful event, arranging a few tables and colored napkins isn’t enough, or adding a few flowers, even if flowers are nice! You need to design the event beforehand! With a strong visual identity, of course!

But also, invitations according to the theme or the topic will convince your guests. A website showing the theme, the setting and the essential information will accompany your guests for a crazy event!  A decoration always in agreement with the chosen theme will produce the most beautiful effect. Why not even give them a gift?
All of this will leave a mark on your guests’ minds for a long time and they will remember your product! Isn’t this the main goal?

Well, would you believe that we offer all of these services?

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pow is about web and design

we are pow

If we define POW as a creative multidisciplinary agency, well… it’s because we are creative and we have different trainings. That makes us really complementary. We are webdesigner, front-end, graphist in print, visual communication and edition, object designer, interior architect and pop-up maker. Our different experiences bring to POW trust, quality and performance. We could say that POW is a start-up where everybody brings its skills to make progress the company. We evolve in a really nice environment where our compromises are only musical.

Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity. Saul Bass

If a book store never runs out of a certain book, does that mean that nobodyreads it or everybody reads it ? Jaden Smith

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best Oscar Wilde




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At the present time, our team is complete, thanks. But, we are always happy to meet a passionate and brilliant Homo Sapiens. Feel free to send us your CV, portfolio or just an email. We can share a beer or whatever and discuss…

tel: +32(0)497 24 36 42

based in brussels